The only thing I can see is the sky

A collage of photographs of the skyWhat makes Rochester a prison town? The Rochester Decarceration Research Initiative was formed to pursue this question. I am working with Evelyne Leblanc-Roberge, Associate Professor of Art at UR, on a public art installation entitled “The only thing I can see is the sky.” As Evelyne’s research assistant and collaborator, I am creating a digital/analog campaign that provides viewers of the installation with more information on the project, the artists, and the wider research initiative.

Coming soon:

UR Mellon Fellows


During my tenure as an Andrew W. Mellon Fellow in Digital Humanities, I designed the fellows’ promotional material and both designed and maintained the fellows’ website.
Built on WordPress, the website was hosted on university servers, which made for some logistical challenges around updating files, installing plug-ins, and so on.

Graphic Design

My primary goal for poster design was to use a consistent, recognizable style that would tie our different events together.


polipost is a concept app that addresses the convergence of social media and political expression. Building on the premise of apps that will send physical postcards from uploaded digital images, this app encourages users to communicate visually and textually with their elected representatives about issues that matter to them. For a small fee, users can send a customized postcard to a representative of their choice that bears an image of their own making. Seeking to redirect the energies behind common practices on Facebook and Instagram, polipost is also intended to pose further inquiry into how images communicate, personally and politically.


This prototype was made using Marvel.