Digital Art History Workshops

In the summer of 2017, I participated in two selective workshops about Digital Art History. The first, “The Art Historical Image in the Digital Age,” was held at the American Academy in Rome, and the second, “The Iconic Turn: Image-Driven Digital Art History,” was part of a larger series of DH workshops sponsored by the European Summer University at the University of Leipzig. Both of these workshops exceeded my expectations in ways I could not have imagined. Most broadly, the opportunities to work with art historians concentrating in a wide array of historical eras (Rome) and with art historians from across the globe (Leipzig) gave me a much wider perspective on my DH work and its potential for expansion. In different ways, both workshops encouraged my thinking about photography in relation to the reproduction of images, whether in textbooks or photobooks, as a way to expand the temporally localized interests in my dissertation (the American 1970s) to a much broader range of subjects.

I was also honored by the opportunity to present my project on Uncommon Places to the entire ESU community, through which I received valuable feedback from an international perspective.

Photo by @jeremydouglass